See paintings by Ukrainian Picasso

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of the website of Maxim Brovchenko, a 10-year-old autistic boy from Berdyansk, who paints unsurpassed space pictures. Visit the little artist on the link

A full catalog of Maxim’s paintings can be seen here, as well as where to buy “cosmic” paintings you know the link, and join the story about the little artist and his creative path.  

Maxim Brovchenko is a young schoolboy who has been supported and whose talent has been taken care of by the “Child with Future” Foundation for several years now. For the first time, Ukraine learned about Maxim at the presentation of the Ukrainian translation of the book by Henri Bochot “The Blue Boy” in the summer of 2020 during the debut of one of the “Child with Future” projects. And then, during quarantine and thanks to the collaboration of the family with INGO consultant Bill Peters from the USA, Maxim inspired his creative path, revealing his talent with bright stars, fabulous planets, and galaxies. The boy demonstrates his work on the Facebook page, where he publishes various interesting facts and stories from the world of physics and astronomy. 

Maxim’s work is amazing. In autumn 2021, two exhibitions of space paintings of the guy took place in Kyiv. Find out how the First was held here, and the Second – read the link

Maxim dreams of meeting the greatest figures of rocket science and space exploration – Elon Musk and Maxim Polyakov. To get closer to the realization of a dream, the guy drew space gifts for his idols, which the MGO “Child with Future” sent to the recipients (read in the material). 

Souvenir products depicting Maxim’s space paintings can be purchased at the SPECTER online store at the link.