Socialization studio for children with autism and developmental disabilities

Студия развития и социализации детей с аутизмом

Development and socialization studio for children with autism and developmental disabilities “Child with a Future”  is achildren with autism support foundation “Child with a Future” that has been running from autumn 2014 in Kyiv.
Studio Classes are aimed at all-round development of the child: the development of perception and understanding of speech, imagination, fine and gross motor skills, social and communication skills, improvement of spatial orientation, coordination, agility, balance, strength, courage.

The studio works with children 5-10 years old on the weekends.
Children are engaged with their parents, older / younger siblings. Sometimes othet children attend classes for the purpose of socialization and the formation of a tolerant attitude.
Children learn to communicate with their peers, solve social complexity, gain new skills and confidence.
Children participate together in creating something,  playing together,  working together to solve problems. All these skills children will be able to apply in their daily lives, which is one of the main tasks of the Studio.

The head of Alain Sverdlov studio (050) 444-98-51,