To open an inclusive class in a regular school or other educational institution, parents of a child with special educational needs (SEN) must apply to the head of the educational institution. In addition, the conclusion of the Inclusive Resource Center (IRC) should be added.

However, parents must take care of this in advance – before their children go to first grade. Because all school staff must be willing to accept a child with special educational needs. To do this they must take care not only of the necessary specialists, including the teacher’s assistant, but also of the methodological base or equipment. Thus, the school has time to create a comfortable environment for all students in an inclusive classroom.

What about child’s assistant?

Inclusive class opening

His parents must provide child’s assistant if necessary, as this position is considered non-pedagogical. This function can be performed by the student’s mother or father, or a person authorized by them. The opening of an inclusive class involves the payment by the state of appropriate subventions to children with SEN.

In addition, a team of professionals should develop an individual program for such students, discussing it with parents. It is also necessary for the teacher of the inclusive class and his assistant to communicate with the latter and get acquainted with the conclusion of the IRC. They need to know all the features of the child with SEN.

Only through the organized cooperation of parents, school management, teachers and children the educational process to be effective for all students in an inclusive classroom.