Today, on May, 28 Harley Davidson club (HOG) with the support of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Association of parents of children with autism arranged an event for families who have autistic children. Animators, bubbles show, photocessions of children on the bikes – are not all activities, in which children participated. This way organizators and participants showed that autists can share their emotions and do the things average kids do.  

 “We received an unusual proposal from bikers – to arrange an event for our families, – says Yevgeniya Panichevskaya, head of the Association of parents.  –  Noone ever gave us such presents, it is so important and priceless for us! Today we had an opportunity to take our children and come, not to hide and worry how the others will accept our children. It is the first event which so many families attented. Bikers help to destroy the myth about autists, saying that they are unsocial and unable to share joy with others, that’s why we are so grateful!”

“What can be better that happy eyes of our children? What can be better than feeling of happiness in the eyes of the children? We tried to give kids those emotions and drive which they need so much” – says Director tof the Harley Davidson club in Ukraine, Igor Turcevich.  

Each family, who participated in this event, received tickets to the circus and dolphinarium as a present. As well as free entrance to visit the zoo.