серію семінарів по аутизмуSince 2013, Inna Sergiyenko Council of the leading European association ‘Autism

Europe’, holds a series of information seminars for everyone. Now the number of seminar participants exceeded 5,000 in different parts of Ukraine. Topics of the seminars include both practical aspects of autism, preschool and school inclusion issues, as well as global achievements and trends.

During seminars she pays special attention to discussing the local situation and features of the region. The seminars to be hold in any city of Ukraine. The duration of the seminar is one day. The program of the seminar to be discussed with partners in a particular region and is being formed taking into account the wishes and audience expectations. Participation is free for students.

Inna Sergiyenko is an active participant in all the world’s leading venues in the field of autism, scientific and practical conferences. Today, Inna is also key link in negotiations with Ukrainian government agencies: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and others.

The organizer of the seminar (INGO ‘Child with a future’) provides:

  • one or two speakers arrival;
  • information materials for students (handlings), electronic access to presentations and additional materials;
  • certificates for participants;
  • announcement of the seminar;
  • organization of a briefing with the participation of the host party – partner, including a press release;

Information support of the seminar on the website and Facebook page.

The application must be submitted at least three months before the desired date of the seminarto the e-mail address info@cwf.com.ua.