With this goal in mind, we are announcing worldwide fundraisers and other resources to help Ukrainian children who have lost their villages and towns, homes, schools, kindergartens, educators, teachers, and counselors to the war… We must do everything we can to return to the children as soon as possible whatever is lost and get them back to peaceful learning as a minimum. No matter where they are now – in Ukraine or abroad.

For this purpose we ask all parents, teachers, founders of the centers, and NGOs, which have been working to support children with special needs, to provide us as soon as possible with comprehensive information about your losses and operational needs to restore the educational or consultative processes. Please complete the form 


and forward it to us. This will allow us to gather the information we need to fundraise and provide targeted assistance for your needs. We will not be able to solve everything, but by working together we will try to do the best we can. 

The budget form to fill is here

If you are unable to fill out the form or have additional questions, please contact Alena Sverdlova at 0504449851.