An inspiring and motivating project of “Child with Future” INGO – “Ordinary Happiness – Extraordinary Recipes” is dedicated to 12 teenagers from different parts of Ukraine, whose parents told about their lives, leisure activities, unusual talents and preferences, difficulties, and barriers that families of children with ASD overcome every day. But the most important message of the project is that everyone deserves to be happy, regardless of the diagnosis. As one mother said, “My son has one goal in life – to be happy. And I ask myself and society every day, who among us is truly neurotypical?”

The project is presented in two parts:

  • A 2022 New Year’s calendar, “What Makes Me Happy,” where each teen reveals his or her understanding of happiness; 
  • inspirational stories about each character on the calendar, which are published on the Channel 24 News website. 

The project aims to inspire parents to be optimistic and believe in their children, autistic children to feel equal among others, society to accept otherness, and the state to act proactively to create decent living conditions for all citizens.

So join the extraordinary stories of life and  #cчастье с аутизмом firsthand here.