Project of the fund – kindergarten “Child with future” started its work in November, 2010. It is a correctional school for children with early infantile autism and mental retardation.  

Kindergarten has the status of elementary school, and can host 30 children from 2 to 7 years old. Children with early infantile autism, autistic spectrum and those who have difficulties with socialization, as well as mentally retarded children can receive full spectrum of rehabilitation and correction.
Skilled professionals with profile higher education work with children in groups and individually. Such specialists as speech therapist, psychologist, speech pathologist, social teacher, art-therapist, game therapist work in kindergarten “Child with future”

They use basic programs of preschool and elementary education, which are authorized by the Ministry of education of Ukraine, as well as correctional methods, which have been worked out by leading specialists of the world and by the specialists of the social pedagogic department in the Academy of pedagogic sciences of Ukraine.

Director of the kindergarten Struchek Nataliya Vitalievna. Web-site of the school:


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