The International Autism Academy is an educational platform for all interested in autism: educators, public figures, officials, parents, and family members who are raising autistic children. We discover and explain the world of autism, teach how to navigate in it.

The Academy started working with a series of online webinars from practitioners, parents, and autistic people during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We answered the most difficult questions and highlighting exciting issues. The webinars were held in the format of online streams on the ‘Child with a future’ Facebook page:

Topic 1. Family in an autistic person’s life

Mom in the autistic person’s life. Autistic people talk:

Dad and autism:

Autism and relatives. Autistic people talk:

Siblings’ relationship evolution:

About autism for relatives and friends. How to support the parents of an autistic child:

Holidays and travels:

Struggle for support in education:

Topic 2. The world inside an autistic person

Living with autism:

Autism and fears:

Friendship and autism:

Emotions and stims:

Why autistic people try to control the situation:

Why I like being autistic. Autistic people talk:

Features of the external world perception and the sensory systems functioning in children with ASD:

Peer Relationships:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Feelings and emotions: learning:

Autism and trust:

Autism and self-reliance:

About gadgets:

About unwanted behavior:

Topic 3. When autistic is a child

Kindergarten in a special child’s life:

Formation of pre-speech skills:

Formation of the conceptual apparatus in autistic children:

Academic development of a child. Where to begin?

Eating behavior in autism. How to expand the diet:

Productive activity as therapy for special child development:

How to establish understanding at school (involving parents of autistic and neurotypical children):

How to teach a special child to talk:

Physical development as the basis for a child’s personality formation:

Motivation and work with autistic children:

Topic 4. Autistic teenager

How to establish contact with an autistic teenager:

Autism and awkward age:

Topic 5. Autistic adults

Inclusion for adults:

Supported living:

Topic 6. The health of an autistic person

Medical support for children with mental development disorders:

ASD – Psychiatrist’s view:

Autism and mental health: