Kids Autism Games

Kids Games Autism Project was created to socialize children with autism syndrome. This is a joint initiative of the Sport Charitable Organizations Fund for PEACE and the State Enterprise National Sports Complex Olimpіysky.

The project aims to socialize children with autism syndrome, declare their interests, learn how to interact with each other through game competitions, develop motor skills, improve the physical condition of children and inspire them on sports activities. The council should pay attention to the fact that our project is not rehabilitation or medical.


Training takes place at the NSC Olimpiyskiy once a week. We exercise on outdoor area, as well as a training room in the stadium building – the Green Zone. Children Autism Games has it own professional training equipment. Nice bonuses: children are provided with logo t-shirts

Training schedule: begins at 10:00 on every Sunday.

Description of training: Training begins with a warm-up and jogging in the stadium open area. After warming up and jogging, children move into an indoor hall. Training designed for feasible physical activity, getting game exercises, team competitions and exercises for children with special needs. Each training session is carried out by several trainers to divide the group into subgroups and pay attention to each child. While training presence of parents is allowed and even desirable. During two years of the project existence, the Kids Autism Games team took part in more than 10 children’s races in Kiev marathons.

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For all questions, please contact Alena Sverdlova

tel: (050) 444-98-51