Russia’s treacherous war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, has become the worst catastrophe since 1945. Russian forces are ruthlessly destroying Ukrainian towns and villages, launching missile attacks on civilian infrastructure, kindergartens, schools, and maternities. In the first month of the war, 135 children and thousands of civilians died at the hands of the occupiers – an official confirmation. According to UNICEF, a month of the Russian war with Ukraine has displaced 4.3 million children – more than half of the 7.5 million Ukrainian children. These numbers are frightening, and even more frightening that behind every one of them is the broken life of every family, every person, every child. 

Today the whole of Ukraine is united as never before and gives a strong response to the Russian aggression. Today the entire world stands with Ukraine, and we thank all of you. And together we will surely win because the Truth will defeat the Lies, the Living will defeat the Dead, the Light will conquer the Darkness. That was the case, and it will always be the case, no matter how dark the night is and no matter how cynical the Russian dictator or the Russian occupation is.

Today, the more everyone helps Ukraine in any way they can, the everyone has their own front. For over 12 years the Ukrainian INGO “Children with Autism Syndrome Foundation “Child with Future” has been supporting children with special needs. Since February 24, our kindergarten for autistic children has ceased to function as a kindergarten and functions as a refuge for refugees from other areas of Ukraine. We agree with all Ukrainians that this will not last long. Our challenge today is to help as much as possible Ukraine and all of our children in this war.

With this goal in mind, we are continuing worldwide fundraisers and other resources to help Ukrainian children who have lost their villages and towns, homes, schools, kindergartens, educators, teachers, and counselors to the war… We must do everything we can to return to the children as soon as possible whatever is lost and get them back to peaceful learning as a minimum. No matter where they are now – in Ukraine or abroad. See “Information if you need help” for details.

We appeal to all world and European organizations dealing with the protection and support of children, governments, businessmen, and all ordinary citizens of the civilized world to take an active part in raising funds and other resources to help Ukrainian children affected by the Russian military invasion. See “Information if you can help” for details.

Our organization is accepting these funds via the following payment information (in English): 

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International non-governmental organization “Children with autism support foundation “Child With Future”

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INGO “CASF “Child With Future”

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АТ “PUMB”, Kyiv city


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Voluntary donation

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To be heard by as many people, communities, organizations, and nations as possible, read and share our Appeals to the international community in different languages.

Our initiative must unite those who need help and are given the opportunity to help. Our mission is to be a coordinating, informational and financial operator of this process. We call upon all Ukrainians and people in other countries to support, expand and use this initiative, with or without us – for our children and their future. That is our responsibility and we need to do it, whatever it takes. 

Follow our activities and the world’s response to our worldwide initiative in “Activity Reports”

Fame of Ukraine!

Fame to our friends and partners!

 Inna Sergiyenko, 

Founder of the INGO “Child with Future”, Consul of Autism Europe in Ukraine