The Inclusive Resource Center (IRC) is an organization that aims to realize the rights of children with special educational needs (SEN) to receive education in various educational institutions (including preschools). We are talking about children aged 2 up to 18 years. The inclusive resource center provides psychological and pedagogical assessment of the child’s development, can provide psychological and pedagogical assistance and provides support for such students (or preschoolers) by specialists with the necessary qualifications.

That is why IRCs determine the special educational needs of schoolchildren and advise on how teachers should work with them. They also provide recommendations to parents.

IRCs were established in Ukraine several years ago. They replaced PMPC (psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation). The advantages of the IRC include a comprehensive assessment of special educational needs, ongoing psychological support for parents and children, as well as continuous support.
The Inclusive Resource Center
In addition, inclusive resource centers operate only on internationally recognized methods of diagnosis and psychological and pedagogical assessment. In order to observe the child during the learning process their representatives can come to school and teach personnel.

According to the methods of the new Ukrainian school (NUS), IRCs are being formed due to certain principles. For example, one inclusive resource center can not work for more than 7,000 children in a district and for more than 12,000 children in a city. If there are more children the IRC should raise the awareness of professionals.

Regarding the number of inclusive resource centers in Ukraine, – they are more than 600. However, the Ministry of Education and Science promises that by the end of 2020 there will be more than 96 IRCs.