28 September 2020
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Results of the autism and education survey. Ukraine-2019

The Autism Europe Initiative conducted an EU-wide Autism and Education Survey in 2019 to promote access to quality inclusive education for autistic people in schools, universities and vocational training. Thanks to INGO ‘Child with a Future’ (Kyiv) and support of Consul Autism Europe in Ukraine Inna Sergiyenko, Ukraine also took part in survey. We are now happy to present the Ukrainian results.


At a meeting of the Ukraine Autusm Friendly platform, the compliance of the Ministry of Health documents was discussed

An extraordinary meeting of the  Ukraine Autusm Friendly platform took place recently, at which issues of conformity of the Ministry of Health documents were considered. In particular, the experts spoke about the compliance with the criteria of order No. 1060 dated 05/05/2019 “On the approval of the criteria for the distribution of subventions from the state budget to local budgets for the provision of state support to people with special educational needs and the primary accounting documentation“ Conclusion on the state of functioning, disability and child health, which requires inclusive education “and instructions for completing it.” A report on this issue was made by the Chairman of the Association of Parents of Children with Autism Syndrome Evgenia Panichevskaya. She collected all the comments that arose from the experts regarding the relevant order. It will be processed and in the form of a deputy request to be sent to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Computer courses for children with autism

In the fall, a new group of children with disabilities are awaiting computer literacy courses. The international public organization “Kindergarten Foundation” announces the enrollment of new groups of IT courses for children with autism, the purpose of which is to train computer literacy in preparation for the future profession.


The media actively supports World Autism Awareness Day

By the World Autism Awareness Day which is celebrated on April 2, national and regional media are actively preparing stories and publications relating to this issue. It is very pleasant that they help to disseminate information, thereby making the society more tolerant towards people with disabilities, and services more accessible. It is also pleasant to note that…


Registration for the Europe in action 2019 is open

From 5 to 7 June in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Europe in action 2019 conference will be held, entitled “Making decisions – living independently”. Already available Western Union registration at https://europeinaction.org/register/ Why this topic? Making your own decisions is a fundamental human right, but still far from the reality of people with intellectual disabilities. How can…



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