23 March 2019
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In Kiev the process of inclusive education implementation to be discussed

March, 25-26 in Kiev the second annual All-Ukrainian conference "Education

children with mental disorders. Rights and Problems'' to be held. 

The organizers of the event are the International NGO "The Child to the Future" CF  and the NGO CF

"Alternative. Harmony".

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Children with autism support foundation "Child With Future" presented a unique tutoring manual

On the first day of spring, on March 1, a presentation of a unique tutoring manual 'Tutor in inclusive school: support for a child with special development' took place in Kiev. The book is a generalized and systematized material on the work of the tutor - a teacher to accompany a child with special needs in an inclusive school.

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Registration for the Europe in action 2019 is open

From 5 to 7 June in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Europe in action 2019 conference will be held, entitled "Making decisions - living independently". Already available Western Union registration at https://europeinaction.org/register/

Why this topic?

Making your own decisions is a fundamental human right, but still far from the reality of people with intellectual disabilities. How can different forms of decision support, as well as legislation, can dramatically affect the situation? What improvements have already occurred? Here are some of the issues that will be discussed at the conference.

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Creating conditions for the employment of people with disabilities was the theme of the “Autism Friendly Ukraine” Platform meeting

On December 20, a regular plenary session of the  “Autism Friendly Ukraine”  National Platform was held, it was dedicated to the issues of employment of people with autism. Within the framework of the meeting, issues of additional settlement of mastering the specialty, the training of an assistant master of industrial training within the specialty “special education”, the creation of special workshops, including on-line and other important issues.

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For the first time, Ukraine received the opportunity to participate in the study on inclusion for the European Commission

For the first time due to the active participation of Children with autism support foundation “Child With Future" in the Autism Europe initiatives, we have the opportunity to participate in a study on the inclusion development  for the European Commission on autism. In the framework of Strategy 2018-2021 of Autism Europe, we will promote access to quality inclusive education, including universities and professional development programs. This pan-European study aims to assess the barriers to education for people with autism. Analysis of the results will allow Ukraine to get a complete picture of the state of the system and formulate recommendations for politicians and key stakeholders.

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Музыка, страхование и детоксикация – главные темы свежего выпуска «Аутизм сегодня»

Друзья, перед вами спаренный выпуск журнала «Аутизм сегодня» за октябрь-ноябрь. В нем вы сможете почитать о концертах для детей с аутизмом, которые практикуют в музыкальной школе №7 им. И. Шамо, о накопительном страховании для детей с особенностями, которое позволяет позаботиться о будущем. А Леся Белостоцкая традиционно расскажет о правильном питании и что делать, если у ребенка случился сбой процесса метилирования.

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"Duet with the Star" for children with autism

On November 28, a duet with a star concert took place in Kyiv - a charitable creative project for the rehabilitation of children with autism. About 20 children with autism who are participants of the Kids Autism Games project, accompanied by their parents, came to the famous Ukrainian artists performance to the October Palace.

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Детский сад «Дитина з майбутнім» отмечает 8-й День рождения!

Детский сад «Дитина з майбутнім», один из главных проектов Фонда «Дитина з майбутнiм», сегодня празднует свой 8-й День рождения! 

Сад был основан благодаря семьям Сергиенко и Маркович. Воплощение идеи сада, где каждому уникальному ребенку благодаря высококлассным специалистам обеспечены забота и развитие, помогло сделать счастливыми многих родителей. Вот уже 8 лет Сад превращает особенности малышей в сильные стороны, способствует их социализации. Многие малыши в дальнейшем получают возможность учиться и развиваться в нормотипичных структурах, а родители учатся принимать особенности своего ребенка и взаимодействовать с ним.

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The Day of Tolerance for schoolchildren

On November 16, on the Day of Tolerance, Irina Sergienko, Development Director of the Children with autism support foundation "Child With Future" conducted educational lectures on autism for students of 6-7 grades of the Kyiv School No.128. Irina was invited after some children started calling each other autistic. Such games being occurred among teenagers. In order to explain to children what autism is and why any uniqueness is worthy of respect, the lecture was dedicated to the Day of Tolerance.

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Children with autism support foundation "Child With Future" participated in the Autism Leadership Network in China

In China, the fourth meeting on leadership and opportunities empowerment for people with autism was held by the Autism Leadership Network, where Children with autism support foundation "Child With Future" was represented by our Development Director Ira Sergiyenko.

The event was opened by Jailan Guo, Director of the China Women's Development Foundation and Shaoyu Ke, member of the Fujian Province Political consultative conference, deputy director of social and legal committee.

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Интернет-магазин книг по аутизму SPECTRE

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