Opening of the Third Exhibition of Space Paintings by the little “Ukrainian Picasso” Maxim Brovchenko in Zaporozhye

On July 28th in Zaporizhzhya, on the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, an exhibition of space paintings by the little “Ukrainian Picasso” from Berdyansk, Maxim Brovchenko, will open. After Kyiv, this is the third exhibition of paintings by the talented autistic boy, whose professional abilities have already been recognized by famous Ukrainian artists. The entrance is free.

The exhibition will open its doors for all visitors on July 28th in the art gallery of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Library for Children “Yuniy Chitach”. It will work every day from 10:00 till 16:00, except Saturdays and Sundays, till the end of August at the following address: 14, Valeriya Lobanovskogo Street, Zaporizhzhya.

Acquaintance with the 10-year-old artist will happen on the 4th of August at 12.30 in the library. Maksim’s works are about the distant cosmos and the universe, filled with peace, love, and kindness – the very thing that all Ukrainian children need today and that all Ukrainian people are fighting for.

The Foundation for Children with Autism Syndrome “Child with Future”, which has been supporting Maksym’s talent for many years, would like to express its sincere gratitude to the “Yuny Chitich” Regional Children’s Library of Zaporizhzhya for the initiative to hold an exhibition during this stormy period for our country.

The first exhibition by Maksim Brovchenko, featuring more than 50 works, was held in October 2021 at the Kyiv Municipal Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet for Children and Youth. More information here, and to see the interest in the second exhibition, follow this link.

Maxim Brovchenko is an unusual 10-year-old autistic boy from temporarily occupied Berdyansk, who not only paints pictures about space but also has a unique worldview and philosophy. The young artist leads a Facebook group “Kosmo-Maks”, dedicated to various exciting things from astrophysics. Maxim writes a fantasy book for children and adults about the world of the inhabitants of Planet A, in which he tells how simple it is to be kind, human, and participative because the most important thing in the universe is love. And the little artist also helps others to understand who autistic people are and what their characteristics are because he considers ASD a quality of personality, not a disorder. Read more about Maksym Brovchenko at the link and be sure to join his world at the exhibition in Zaporizhzhia!

Glory to Ukraine!






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