Minister of Education Dmitriy Tabachnik  asked Minister of Health Raisa Bgatyriova to create a special category for children with autism in order to work out special system of education for such children. 

This address appered due to active position of social organizations and parents of children with autism. In April Fundation “Child with Future” and Association of parent of children with autism carried out a meeting near Ministry of Education with a demand to give right to autists for education. Besides, this issue was disscussed on the session of working group on solving problems of autism with presidet envoy Yuriy Miroshnichenko. “It is pleasant for us that Ministry of Education heard us and made first steps towards children with autism. We hope for further cooperation, as far as we are sure that autists can learn if they have special conditions,” – says Larisa Rybchenko, Director of the Fundation “Child with Future”.