The first exhibition of “space” paintings of an autistic boy from Berdyansk opened in Kiev

The exhibition (27 -31 October 2021) at the Kyiv Municipal Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet for Children and Youth in Kyiv features about 50 works by talented 10-year-old Maxim Brovchenko, who has already been called “little Ukrainian Picasso” by the Ukrainian media. 

 The initiator and organizer of the event are the NGO “Child with Future”, a public organization that has been systematically dealing with autism in Ukraine for more than 10 years and has been taking care of a schoolboy’s talent. 

Maxim came to Kyiv with his mother Oksana and opened the exhibition together with the representatives of the NGO and the Theater. The little artist, who came up with the pseudonym “Kosmo Max”, told the audience about his space paintings and shared the story of Planet A, the imaginary planet about which he wrote the fantastic book. Then everyone could ask the little artist their questions. 

Maxim showed the audience two pictures that he drew especially for Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, and Maxim Polyakov, the founder of Firefly Aerospace, an American-Ukrainian company also working in rocket science. 

 “I’ve always dreamed of meeting Elon Musk and seeing a spaceship launch,” the boy explained. – And recently I heard about my namesake, Maxim, who was born in our region and who also builds rockets, and I wanted to give them a gift. I want their dreams to come true because dreams should come true.”

Inna Sergienko, the founder of “Child with Future” Foundation, “Autism Europe” consul congratulated Maxim on the opening of his first exhibition and assured that his gifts will soon be delivered to the recipients.  

“Maksim has a unique talent and we want him to have the opportunity to develop it and for as many people as possible to learn about it,” says Inna Sergienko. – I am sure that we, adults, can and should make our children’s dreams come true. We believe this exhibition will inspire many children to creativity and daring fantasies, and once again draw public attention to autism.   

The opening of the exhibition was attended by numerous representatives of public organizations and the media. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the management of the Kyiv Municipal Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet for Children and Youth for their cooperation and for allowing everyone to get acquainted with Maxim Brovchenko’s paintings. 

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