“My space is our victory”: buy Maksym Brovchenko’s paintings on the little artist’s official website and support the Ukrainian Armed Forces

We are pleased to announce that paintings by little “Ukrainian Picasso” Maksym Brovchenko can now be seen and bought at the talented boy’s official website. To do this, just go to http://brovchenko-art.com/ in the section “Paintings” and click on the one you like the most. 

In the near future, the list of paintings will be increased at times, because the sale of space paintings through the website has only just begun. Meanwhile, join the boy’s works in his Facebook group Космо-Макс, where you can see the latest works by the schoolboy and chat with their author, whose talent has been supported by the “Children with Autism Syndrome Foundation “child with Future” Foundation for several years in a row. 

The 11-year-old artist from Berdyansk sends most of the proceeds from the sale of his paintings to the Ukrainian Armed Forces fund. 

Read more about Maksym’s volunteer activities in the Channel 5 story, and watch a video of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky sharing his support for Maksym. 

To find out who Maksym Brovchenko is and why an autistic child has become a celebrity in Ukraine, please visit Maksym Brovchenko’s Space Paintings project page