Inna Sergienko: let’s get stronger!

The whole world and all of us are in an emergency today. The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the life of every person, regardless of their location. I support quarantine as a forced preventive step to save people’s lives like the majority of my friends and acquaintances. I believe that restrictive measures that have already been introduced in Ukraine and are being introduced in various countries of the world, will be beneficial and we will soon overcome this virus. No one knows exactly when it will happen, but I want to believe that we will all come out of this period wiser and stronger.

The main question for everyone is: “How to survive this time with the least loss for myself, family, business?” And I also ask HOW to use this time to become stronger, and WHAT we can do to make life easier for families with special children, who under quarantine conditions will require more time, attention, and effort than others?

We decided to focus our efforts on providing, collecting, systematization, delivery of useful information in quarantine for children with special needs and adults who deal with them. We are going to do it with representatives of “Child with the Future” Foundation, “Child with the Future” kindergarten, friends, and specialists at the information, legal and medical fields.

On our resources (Facebook pages and groups, the “Child with the Future” Foundation and the  “Child with the Future” kindergarten sites, our database with the addresses of the media, regional, national, and international organizations) we will post and share such information:

  • official information of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Health, WHO, and other specialized institutions in the field of health;
  • information from EU, USA, Canada international organizations and other countries working with autism;
  • information that may be necessary and useful for all parents and children in quarantine – health issues, social activity, and adaptation in isolation, online business activity;
  • information for organizations and remote improvement of the self-education and self-employment levels of parents and children.

The list of useful options can be expanded. We understand that we have a limited resource, but we hope that at the present time we will be supported by other organizations and companies. We will be especially grateful to those who will become active volunteers in this process, providing and sharing verified information with us.

The goal is simple. If borders and transport connections are closed, but the information space and the Internet remain open, we must use these inventions of mankind to advantage for ourselves.

TOGETHER WE will get out of this situation STRONGER if we become STRONGER EVERYDAY.

We will inform you how and where you can use the above options. Follow our information.

Respectfully yours,

Inna Sergienko, “Autism-Europe” Consul, founder of “Child with a Future” Foundation.