The job for special people will be one of the main topics of the Second International Practical Conference on Autism

Not so long ago, after 18 years of age autistic children were diagnosed as ‘schizophrenic’ and it was considered that autistic children are not able to learn in Ukraine. But gradually parents and public organizations were able to make these realities a thing of the past. Therefore, Ukraine has made a huge step forward. But there is another important problem that needs to be solved – jobs for special people. Because there are not so many such opportunities in Ukraine.

That is why during the Second International Practical Conference on Autism (IPAC-2020) this topic will be raised. The professor of four universities in the US and Peru, the founder (1979) and CEO of the Septgo Ann Sullivan del Peru (CASP) Liliana Mayo Ortega will talk about Peru’s experience with special people employment.

According to her, even the most famous enterprises hire autistic and people with other developmental disorders in Peru. Some of these people have been working for the same company for 24 years continuously. This is because employers have found that autistic people are good workers. They are dedicated, often asking for more work and not gossiping.

These people receive the same salary and benefits as other employees and can join all social events at companies. Through their work, they can fully support their families financially, or help pay for certain services, such as utilities.

Liliana Mayo Ortega notes: it is important that autistic people work because it helps them feel like full members of society.

The Second International Practical Conference on Autism ‘IPAC-2020’ will be held online on November 21-22 and 28-29. The main topic of the event will be inclusion and family support. 18 international and Ukrainian experts will speak at the conference.

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