In 2015 our Foundation launches training volunteer project “Befriender”. The project aims to train volunteers to communicate with families raising children with autism. We expect that training program will be resulted by free social assistance to families with children with special needs, in particular with autism, which are in difficult situations.

“Befriender” includes three stages:

1. TRAINING. Practical skills of communication with children with autism. Phase include three trainings in Kiev:

January 29, 2015.  Training “The legal basis to help families who are raising children with special needs. The legal basis of voluntary activities”. Trainer Larisa Ostrolutskaya, key specialist of Kiev city center of social services for families, children and youth.

February 12, 2015. Training “Communication and basis for the behavior’s analysis in  working with children with autism. Work in the family”. Trainer Irina Kalinichenko, practical psychologist, specialist in ABA alternative communication system, methods of evaluation and correction of behavior.

February 26, 2015.  Training “Building of relationships between volunteer and child, volunteer and family of  child with autism. Self-help and psychological relief in the work of volunteers”. Natalia Bondaruk, trainer, practicing psychologist, Gestalt therapist, family counselor.

TRAININGs are supported by Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

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2. OBSERVATION. This phase involves the practice of observation in the Foundation project – kindergarten for children with autism “Child with future”.  The purpose of “observation” is a personal acquaintance with behavior of a child with autism.

3. HELP FAMILIES. Foundation “Child with future” selects families who are in difficult situations for participation in project “Befriender”. Foundation coordinates work of each volunteer in the family.
Foundation plans to train up to 25 volunteers.
We invite everyone to take part in the project. Before January 15, 2015 please write an application addressed to the project coordinator Kateryna Dudkina in free form, which should contain the following information: name, place of study/work, contacts (phone, e-mail), a letter of motivation “why I want to take part in the project”. For any further information, please contact Kateryna by phone 067 231 80 81