Employment of special people: “Autism-Europe” unique report

“Child with a Future” Foundation publishes an expanded report of the “Autism-Europe” entitled “Autism and Work. Together we can”.

This is a collective monograph, a report on the issues and problems of people’s employment in different countries of the world. The report cites the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and how rights are respected for different groups of people with ASD in different countries and provides examples from real life.

“The information in the report is especially relevant in the light of the ‘Autism-Europe” strategy for 2020-2022 “I can learn. I can work,” emphasizes Inna Sergienko, founder of the “Child with a Future” Foundation and “Autism-Europe” Consul. “On a special people’s example, on the one hand, and official information, on the other, successful job search for special people cases are presented and the main problems are indicated. It is a good opportunity for Ukraine to understand what is being done in other countries and compare our situation with the global one”.

In addition, the report contains a high-quality structure and systematization of various information about the issues and difficulties faced by autistic people in employment; strengths of autistic people to rely on; labor rights in an international, European, and national context; support at work, etc.

Founder of the Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities “Our Sunny World” Igor Shpitsberg was the scientific editor of the report. It was published in 2014, and the Center made a translation from English in 2017.

“Child with a Future” Foundation expresses gratitude to all people and organizations that took part in the preparation and formation of this unique material.

The full version of the report in Russian https://cwf.com.ua/images/stories/2020/04/autism-and-work-russian.pdf

English version of the report https://www.autismeurope.org/blog/2014/03/30/autism-and-work-together-we-can-2/