‘Autism and Trust’ online seminar is available on our website and the Youtube channel.
It was conducted by adult autistics Steven Shore and Bill Peters from the US, as well as Misha Sergienko – an autistic boy from Ukraine.
The speakers talked about the difference between autistic and neurotypical children’s trust during the seminar.

They noted that there are differences. Autistic people are very trusting. They trust others, especially parents and relatives, by more than 100%. Therefore, when they learn about even the smallest deception, they become very upset. It is very difficult to restore their trust later on. In return, autistic people also expect that they will trust them.

One of the questions during the seminar was: “There is a situation. The mother lets her child go to the store on his own but follows after at a distance. What should she do If the child notices her?”

The speakers explained: by letting a child go by himself, mom showed that she trusts him and he is old enough. But in practice, she has shown something completely different. The child, having noticed his mother, who is watching him, will perceive such a gesture as distrust, which is very badly reflected in family relations.

The speakers advised: if you want to watch your son or daughter, tell them about it. Explain that you are very nervous, so you will follow them from a distance, but will not interfere in their shopping or anything else.

For more information on autism and trust, see the video.

You can also see ‘How to build an understanding between parents of neurotypical and autistic children’ online seminar on our website and the Youtube channel.