Inclusion in Ukraine: Daria Orlova will tell about the creation of comfortable conditions for all participants of the studying process during the Second International Practical Conference on Autism

‘Practical experience of inclusion: comfortable conditions for all’ – during the Second Practical Conference on Autism this topic will be presented by Daria Orlova – a specialist in the organization of inclusion, an autistic adult, and the mother of a child with ASD.

Many nuances of the topic will be revealed by the speaker from the parents’ point of view.

Ukraine is in the process of establishing inclusion and its effective functioning. It is very important to discuss this form of education from different viewpoints and understand how to make it comfortable not only for special children but also for their peers, all parents, and teachers.

Daria Orlova advises families on special needs education, lecturing on inclusion, and tells them about her own experience in raising a child with ASD. Therefore, she will answer all questions that will be of interest to the attendees.

Besides, the speaker will advise on how parents should participate in the inclusive process and how to properly create an effective learning space. She will also touch upon the topic of anti-bullying therapy, which will be explained by concrete examples.

The Second International Practical Conference on Autism ‘IPAC-2020’ will be held on November 21-22 and 28-29 in the online format. The theme of the event will be inclusion and family support. 18 international and Ukrainian experts will speak at the Conference.

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