‘An autistic child: nature and society adaptation’ seminar was held on January 24th in the Gorodishche, Cherkasy region. It was conducted by the ‘Autism-Europe’ Consul and the founder of the ‘Child with a Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko.

Inna Sergienko spoke about the way of thinking of a special child, his sensory features, and how to work with them within the framework of this event. The Consul shared information about psychological problems that can occur with children with autism at home or in an educational institution. Local teachers, teacher assistants, educators, preschool methodologists, psychologists, and parents of children with autism listened to the Consul.

“Specialists and parents of special children must understand who autistic people are, how to accept such children, their features, and how to explain their behavior. Such basic things make it possible to perceive autistic people as they are and work with them,” Inna Sergienko emphasized.

Consul has been holding such seminars since 2013. During the event, regional problems with autism are discussed. This is a platform that provides an opportunity to communicate with teachers and parents of special children, as well as learn from the experience of successful cases. Every Ukrainian city can apply for a seminar. Click for more details