How to communicate with autistic children: ‘Child with future’ Foundation gives advices

Do you know how to communicate with autistic children? ‘Child with a Future’ Foundation experts decided to answer this question in a short video. They created a list of tips to help parents of children with special needs, their relatives and teachers.

The tips were collected by Irina Sergienko, director of development of the International Foundation ‘Child with future’.

For example, it is best to avoid the use of metaphors and idioms, as well as hints when communicating with autistic people. Plan everything and keep in mind that special children understand much more than we often think. Therefore, you should be mindful of what you say in their presence.

There is no need to shout in a conversation with an autistic person, as Irina Sergienko notes. Most autistic children do not tolerate noise well, so shouting will only worsen the situation.

Watch these and many other tips in the video.

Let’s create a better future for our children together!