“Child with a Future” Foundation urges to be careful with the Internet information

“Child with a future” kindergarten openly addressed the appearance of a fake site, where data from our educational institution were used.

This is not the first time we come across various kinds of fakes and insinuations, but this case surpassed the sick imagination. Such impudent use of the personal data of our specialists and the 10-year reputation of a licensed institution could not have been even imagined.

“Child with a Future” Foundation fully shares the indignation of the collective and publicly joins in support of their open appeal as a founder of “Child with the Future” kindergarten.

We would like to emphasize – in this case, we are not talking about narrowly corporate interests. In fact, this is a question of the information security of our adults and young citizens and the environmental friendliness of the information space of Ukraine.

The use of such methods against children with special needs and their parents cannot be justified in the conditions of permanent hybrid wars. And just as real, no one is immune from such information manipulations.

Analyzing the amount of false information that has flooded our open (and for cybercriminals too) information space, we can predict with a high degree of probability that such situations will be repeated. And if we do not protect ourselves from fakes and fraudsters, do not prevent their actions, they will catch up with us again.

That is why the “Child with a Future” Foundation appeals to all respectable market participants with the initiative to create a national information platform that would produce and disseminate objective information. The first step to this could be joining something like an information code, the expediency of developing and adopting which by all really acting participants in our sphere seems to be long overdue. And the situation with our kindergarten is just a confirmation of this. We are always open to cooperation for the benefit of our country, our citizens, and our children.

The open appeal of the kindergarten “Child with a future” team