“Autism and Education” survey and the adoption significance of the “Secondary Education” Law

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In this issue of “Autism Today” you can read about the results of the “Autism and Education” survey, which was conducted by “Autism-Europe”. Thanks to the “Child with a Future” Foundation and the support of the Consul “Autism-Europe” Inna Sergienko, Ukraine took part in it too.

We talked to Galina Lozova, director of “Child with a Future” Foundation, about the significance of the Law adoption about Secondary Education. We wanted to find out about the opportunities that the new document opens up and what to expect for families raising children with special educational needs.

Elena Bokata, the mother of a 6-year-old autistic son, told about the Bill Peters visit, and his positive impact on the family.

Traditionally, in our issue you will find the latest industry news.

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