An interview with the first woman to defend the doctoral dissertation on autism in Ukraine, and the story of a mother of two special children – in the new issue of “Autism today”

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We present to you the October issue of the “Autism Today” e-magazine.

We remind you of the grand event that will take place in the last and penultimate weekend of November. This is the Second International Conference on Autism “IPAC-2020”. For the first time, it will be held online. In the new issue, you can read about the speakers and topics of the event.

Doctor of Psychology Diana Shulzhenko, who was the first to defend the doctoral dissertation on autism in Ukraine, told why she was interested in this topic within the “How it all began” project.

On the pages of the e-magazine, you will find the story of two autistic children from Canada. Their mother told us why she believed in her son’s diagnosis immediately, but couldn’t accept that her daughter is special too at first. In this confession, you will learn about the activity the girl has found to feel comfortable.

Also on the pages of the “Autism Today” e-magazine, you will find other news about autism. In particular, you will learn about an event for special children at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium and a series of social videos from IVORY Films.

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