Doctor of clinical psychology Virginia Bassi from San-Francisco (USA) conducted three-days training for the staff of the kindergarten “Child with future” within the framework of her visit to Kiev.

From October, 29 until October, 31 during the trainings which took place on the territory of the kindergarten together with the staff, Doctor Bassi observed the kids, checked how lessons are conducted. Later on during the discussion they talked about different situations which are directly connected to the behavior correction of autistic kids, staff also received recommendations and comments of the Doctor.

First of all for the staff of the kindergarten it was important to hear opinion of the expert, to receive exact recommendations and exchange experience. Participants of the training received updated information about world leading practices of working with autistic kids. Teachers improved their skills and parents received necessary consultations. During her visit Doctor Bassi outlined how great the progress which children made is.

Natalia Struchek, Director of the kindergarten “Child with future”:

«it is so important for us to understand that such specialist finds our work not only necessary but also a progressive and professional one. We are not amateurs; we understand what we are doing. We put goals and we move towards their achievement, we work on our professional skills and we do achieve good results for the kids».

For the 80% of the staff it is not the first meeting with Doctor Bassi. Doctor Bassi is a professor in charge of the teachers of the kindergarten and she periodically visits Kiev. During her fist visits she paid our attention on the basic information: priorities in teaching autistic kids, how to test and estimate such kids.

For now one of the main goals of Doctor Bassi is to see and estimate progress which children make, most of whom she knows, as well as give recommendations to the teachers and parents regarding each child.