Leading European Association ‘Autism Europe’ chose its representative in Ukraine

The founder of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko was re-elected as the Consul of the  ‘Autism Europe’ international organization. Thus, Inna will continue to protect the rights of special people in Ukraine and represent the state on the world stage for the next four years.

Inna Sergienko’s candidacy was approved during the ‘Autism Europe’ congress, which was held online this year. This event is designed to share the latest knowledge and experience, which will help in the future to create an inclusive society where autistic people will feel comfortable.

Inna Sergienko, a mother of a special child and a social activist, was chosen as the Consul of ‘Autism Europe’ for the first time in 2012. Since then, she annually represents the state and its achievements in autism at the international scene, shares experience, and brings international practices to Ukraine.

“I am glad to continue representing the European experience in Ukraine on behalf of the organization, which over the last 30 years has done a lot for autistic people across Europe. For example, promoting early intervention and inclusive education. Therefore, as a representative of “Autism Europe” I promise working hard to become Ukraine a country where all children, regardless of their diagnosis, have the same rights and opportunities,” – emphasized Inna Sergienko.

Since 2013, she has launched regional educational tours throughout Ukraine, where she read seminars on autism for parents, representatives of public organizations, and specialists. And this year, when the world began to translate most events online because of the coronavirus, she organized thematic online seminars on the ‘Child with Future’ Facebook page. There were involved well-known Ukrainian and international experts on autism, who shared their experience of the most painful issues, as well as gave advice and answered questions from parents of special children.

Besides, the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation is one of the organizers of the International Practical Conference on Autism. This year it will be held for the second time since Ukraine’s independence. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the conference format was changed. It will be held online on November 21-22 and 28-29. 18 international and Ukrainian experts will speak at the event.