“Specter” online store resumes its work after quarantine

“Specter” online bookstore for specialized and educational literature is reopening after quarantine.

Now parents and teachers can order useful books in Russian or Ukrainian as before. Besides, sets of educational cards and posters are on sale.

Latest arrivals:

  1. Two parts “ABC-book for Grade 1, Perspective 21-3”. Textbooks in Ukrainian. They are based on methods aimed at finding and activating the compensatory development zones of children with intellectual disabilities, children with Down syndrome. We are talking about the “Pictogram” technique, the techniques of M. Zaitsev (reading by syllables), and “TAN-Soderberg” (global reading method).
  2. Book with pictograms for speech development of children with speech disorders “Professions”. It is a social story in Russian. Even illustrations have a special meaning in it – there are elements that a child can count. The material is adapted for children who have problems with learning letters or understanding the text.

About the store’s bestsellers:

  1. “Visual Dictionary of Social Situations for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders”. It is suitable for children with reduced reading ability and understanding a particular social situation, the ability to navigate it. This condition is also called “social dyslexia”.
  2. “Tutor in an inclusive school: accompanying a child with special needs”. The manual is in Ukrainian. Includes systematized material about the work of a tutor – teacher to accompany a child with special needs in an inclusive school. The author tells about 8 years of experience. The book consists of six lectures and tests.
  3. “Behavioral Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence” (in Russian). The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the aspects of behavioral disorder. For example, the authors emphasize the heterogeneity of such conditions. It also examines the influence of various factors on behavior, how it is influenced by the family and social environment.

See the entire list of books on the website http://spectre-shop.com/

“Specter” online store is a project of “Child with a Future” Foundation. It directly cooperates with foreign publishing houses, buying the right to publish books and translating them into Russian and Ukrainian.

By the way, in the May issue of “Autism Today” you will find material about the translation of an interesting and necessary book about an autistic teenager by Henri Boschot.