On the first day of spring, on March 1, a presentation of a unique tutoring manual ‘Tutor in inclusive school: support for a child with special development’ took place in Kiev. The book is a generalized and systematized material on the work of the tutor – a teacher to accompany a child with special needs in an inclusive school.

At the presentation which was held in a very cozy atmosphere of a small city cafe, the experts discussed the content of the tutor’s activities, the individual plan and program, and other examples of tools. How to communicate with peers and how teachers perceive the child’s assistant, what is a contract between a school and a tutor  and much more.

This book is for those who do not quite understand who the tutor is: from the parent to the principal. The author of the book is Inna Karpenkova, the editor is the head of the Association of Parents of Children with Autism, the mother of a schoolchild with autism, Yevgenia Panichevskaya. Children with autism support foundation “Child With Future” helped to published the book.

“Accompanying children with autism in school is a new challenge for our education system. Many simply do not understand the essence of the work and the role of such a specialist, – says Yevgenia Panichevskaya. – The book will be useful for school administrations and teachers, representatives of senior management in the education system. About student support with examples, explanations, recommendations, written by a practitioner with extensive practical experience and a sincere desire to share it”

The book is also available for purchase by link: