Lviv, 29-30 of September. A conference “Individual accompaniment of children with special needs: the role of the NRC in process of inclusive education” was held to discuss formats and practices of the individual support of children with special needs, including autism. Experts from Poland and the United States shared their experience of inclusive work in their countries from the kindergarten to university. Director of the Foundation for Children with the autism  “Child with a Future” Larisa Rybchenko addressed to the participants with a report on types of conditions that are necessary for inclusive education and remedial work with autistic children. During the conference she also presented the Desk educational platform.

The main discussion topic at the event was introduction of a new organizational experiment for inclusive education in schools of Kiev, Lviv, Rivne, Kriviy Rig and Poltava. The corresponding order №1059 of broadening the base for introduction of psycho-pedagogical model and social rehabilitation and integration of children with common special needs (autism spectrum) was signed by the Minister of Science and Education Lily Grinevich on 09/01/2016.
The feature of the experiment is that schools themselves decided  to participate in this Science Experiment and signed an appropriate application to the Ministry of Education, so thatMinistry reacted very positively.
“It’s a good sign that the schools themselves have taken the initiative to help children with special needs, including autism, – says Director of the Fund “Child with a Future” LarisaRybchenko. – It shows the readiness to work with such children. We hope that the experiment will be comfortable for schools and ready for real implementation, and will be launched as a full-fledged Ukrainian program. So we will the opportunity to move from the moral maturity to the professional one”.

The experiment will launched in:

  • Kiev boarding school №26
  • Krivorozhsky center “Natkhnennya” of Dnipro regional council
  • Poltava Education and Rehabilitation Center of Poltava Regional Council
  • Klevanovskaya boarding school I-II levels of Rivne regional council

The conference also announced that the experiment on inclusive education will be launched in kindergartens, which will help teachers to prepare children with special needs for school.After all, the readiness of the child with autism to attend school sometimes becomes the main problem. At the moment, the experiment is under negotiation with Institute of modernization of education content at MES of Ukraine.