On Dec, 14 the third seminar on «Problems and achievements in the sphere of autism in the world and in Ukraine» of the Councillor of the leading european organization «Autism Europe» Inna Sergienko took place in Kharkiv within the framework of tour around Ukrainian cities. The seminar was arranged with the support of the organization «Autism. Alternative in Kharkiv» in the hall of Kharkiv specialized medical genetic center.

Around 150 people came to the seminar. The honoured guests were freelanced therapist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, head of university department of psychology of Kharkiv medical academy of postgraduate education Boris Mikhailov, psychologist of the Institute of children and teenagers healthcare Natalia Mikhanovskaya, Irina Vishnevaya, head of the department of work with children and youth with disabilities in Kharkiv centre on children, family and youth Nadejda Kunina, and psychologist of Ukrainian research institute of social and litigation psychiatry and narcology of the Ministry of Health A.Litvinov.

The Councillor of «Autism Europe» as well as city, district and region psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers and representatives of kindergartens, also parents of children with autism discussed world experience of work with special children which was gained at international seminars, congresses and conferences. Inna Sergienko shared not only news from the world of autism but also her own experience of mother of autistic child, practical observations and solutions of parents from other countries.

«Today here we see peoplewho are professionally, individually and emotionally connected by the problem of autism, which becomes more and more important. Earlier the main goal was achieving medical result and reducing patological expressions, and now the final goal is maximum restoration of the level of social functioning, – mentioned head of university department of psychology of Kharkiv medical academy of postgraduate education Boris Mikhailov. – And joined efforts – that is what really important».

«Necessary help children may obtain if all specialists are a part of a team, have full range of methods, skills, knowledge and competence. The more professional knows the better it is for a child. That’s why such seminar gives great opportunities to exchange experience», – psychologist of the Institute of children and teenagers healthcare Natalia Mikhanovskaya.

«Our organization is young but very active. Its main goal – creating professional community for work with children with autism. It needs a lot of studies, looking for interested people, arranging similar seminars. Thanks to this seminar we have an opportunity to join people, who work with autistic children, discuss recent international and ukrainian news from this sphere and of course exchange experience», – said president of the board of social organization «Autism. Alternative in Kharkiv» Oksana Trushik.

On the second day after the seminar Councillor Inna Sergienko and her team was invited to visitFeldman Ecopark, which works as a charity project of the «Fundation of Aleksander Feldman». Ecorapk for many families gives an opportunity for family recreation with different types of entertainment and the zoo. Everyone has an opportunity to feed and pat the animals. But it is allowed only on the territory of the so-called Contact zoo, where animals are not agressive and safe for people. Ecopark renders help for children with special needs among which are children with autism. Such children may have free of charge lessons of hippotherapy.

«I have great impressions from the trip to Kharkiv, – says Inna Sergienko. –First of all it was nice to see audience which includes parents, doctors and teachers. Second, it is very nice that Kharkiv has such a social organization as «Autism. Alternative in Kharkiv» with such a compassionate head as Oksana Trushik. We saw that this city has people who fight for special kids, and this people don’t sit quietly. It is great that «Autism. Alternative in Kharkiv» frequently arranges teaching seminars, where one can learn something new and talk to people who deal with autism in this or that way. We were impressed by Feldman ecopark. It is very nice that there are people who give people such usefull beauty. Also it is very important that ecopark renders free lessons of hyppotherapy. These lessons are very important for autistic kids. Of course besides horseriding children can play with other animals which brings a lot of joy to them. Everything that we saw and heard in Kharkiv hit upon philosophical thoughts on autism. Work with autists is very difficult. It demands a lot of creativity. It means that Ukrainian educational system needs reforms. Each autistic child needs individual approach, there is no cross functional approach. If for example there are several special children in an inclusive class the teacher simply can’t pay a lot of attention to each child,moreover autistic child needs separate attention. It proves that children with autism need assistance. I stress that assistant for a child not a teacher».

«It is very nice to find more and more colleagues, which go the same path that we do, – said director of the Fundation «Child with Future» Larisa Rybchenko. – It gives hope that with joined efforts we can achieve results in resolving problem of autism in Ukraine».

We remind that earlier seminars of the Councillor of «Autism Europe» Inna Sergienko took place in Nikopol and Kamenets-Podolsk.

Councillor of «Autism Europe» Inna Sergienko and Director of the Fundation «Child with Future» Larisa Rybchenko want to thank organization «Autism. Alternative in Kharkiv» and personally Oksana Trushik as well as Center for children with special needs and neurological problems «Lado» for warm welcome and all the arrangements