On November 28, a duet with a star concert took place in Kyiv – a charitable creative project for the rehabilitation of children with autism. About 20 children with autism who are participants of the Kids Autism Games project, accompanied by their parents, came to the famous Ukrainian artists performance to the October Palace.

Kids Autism Games and the Children with autism support foundation “Child With Future” were honored guests at this concert. The greetings from the foundation came from its director Galina Lozova and Development Director Irina Sergienko. They thanked to the organizers of the event for the children with autism invitation to a concert and for the fact that all proceeds for the concert will go exactly for the needs of such children.

The concert was very bright and liked both children and parents. Young, starling stars on the stage with superstars – Nina Matvienko and Irina Bilyk!

The separate achievement was that  children were able to withstand the whole concert! After all, it is very difficult for children with peculiarities! For this, after a concert they were waiting for a huge and delicious cake!

Thankfulness to the organizers of the “Duo with the Star” project! We are waiting for new meetings!