Director of the Foundation for Assistance to Children with Autism Syndrome ” Child with the Future” Larisa Rybchenko visited the Federal Republic of Germany in Dec, at the invitation of the «Free Ukraine» Public Organization, in order to exchange experiences and establish friendly relations. A group of 10 Ukrainian specialists within the program was able to learn German experience in helping children and adults with autism, as well as their families. Thanks to the friendly organizations of the Rodina Kolpinga and Free Ukraine national educational institutions, it became possible to get acquainted with the forms and methods of work that are used in Germany to work with children and adults with autism.

“In Germany there is a program” Support “, which enables people with disabilities, including mental disabilities, to live separately from their parents and family. They prefer individual housing with patronage. This allows you to retain your right to privacy and privacy, “- says Larisa Rybchenko.

Much of what the Ukrainian specialists in Germany have shown is worth applying in Ukraine. As Larisa Rybchenko points out, the Germans are at a high level and we need to learn from them. “Ten specialists work in the center for children and youth (up to 22 years old) with special needs. This center is created and works thanks to the partnership of the state and public organization. Everything is thought out to the last detail. Much attention is paid to working with parents and helping the family in the adoption of the child and its features, “notes Larisa Rybchenko.

For more information on the German experience, read in an interview with Larisa Rybchenko in the following issues of «Autism Today».