Guys of the Studio of socialization “Child with future” have done stylish haircuts at a real hairdresser’s saloon! Most kids, as a rule, have their hair cut at home with a stationary scissors. To be stylish and trendy is a useful skill, which have to be worked-out, isn’t it? Therefore, we went to a children hairdresser’s saloon “Simpa” with all our friendly family, where kind specialists have been waiting for us and ready to pass this extreme  way with us.

“Going to the hairdresser’s  was simply a pipe dream…, – says Svetlana, a mother of Variya. Yes, Variya felt uncomfortable, because of a hair dryer, with which she has not made friends yet, and strange environment, a machine in hands of a specialist. All these things irritated and frightened Variya. But nevertheless, we’ve done it!!! This is one more our little victory!!! ”
So the visit finished with a traditional drinking coffee and cocktails in a friendly joyful company of the Studio with new nice haircuts!