On November 16, on the Day of Tolerance, Irina Sergienko, Development Director of the Children with autism support foundation “Child With Future” conducted educational lectures on autism for students of 6-7 grades of the Kyiv School No.128. Irina was invited after some children started calling each other autistic. Such games being occurred among teenagers. In order to explain to children what autism is and why any uniqueness is worthy of respect, the lecture was dedicated to the Day of Tolerance.

Teenagers are a tough audience. Thats why Irina approached the issue creatively. Instead of the usual greeting – rebus, coded text. It fascinated and helped to focus the attention of children.

Irina says: “Next, for clarity, I conducted an experiment. I gave two kids a simple task. It was impossible to perform it, because the task was in a language they did not know! But, if someone does not know this language, this does not mean that he or she is stupid. At some point the class helped. In this way I simultaneously showed the children the importance of supporting others. After the experiment, I turned to the story about the functions of the brain, how it works, how the difference in its structure affects the world perception, and then – to the topic of autism. Autists have a different brain structure and, accordingly, a different perception of the world.

Each of us is different, and it does not make anyone better or worse. And, of course, is not a reason for ridicule. In conclusion, I showed the children photos of famous autists. Each of them is successful and implemented in their field. All thanks to non-standard worldview. These facts impressed them even more. I believe that I tried not in vain and I managed to reach everyone. ”