“What wonderful colors”: Pope Francis received a painting from 11-year-old autistic artist Maksym Brovchenko

On the eve of the new – victorious for Ukraine – year 2023, Pope Francis received a symbolic gift. It was one of the last works by Maksym Brovchenko entitled “Native Ukraine will win”. Before the war Maksym painted incredible pictures about space. But after February 24 his works are about war, victory and love for Ukraine. Maksym sells his paintings and sends the proceeds to support the Armed Forces and autistic children. 

“What wonderful colors,” the Pope smiled, looking at Maksym’s painting. 

This year’s Christmas tree in the Vatican is special. It is decorated with toys made by children with special mental needs. But the gift of a painting to the Pope from Maksym, a boy with autism, and the NGO “Foundation for Children with Autism Syndrome “Child with the Future” has a meaning that goes far beyond the Christmas and New Year holidays. The painting, along with a handmade towel embroidered for the Pope, a symbol of steadfastness and unity in the struggle for the liberation of Ukrainian boys and girls from captivity, was presented by relatives of prisoners of war from the NGO “Voyazky Vyzvil”.

“Maksym and I presented this painting on behalf of all Ukrainian children and families affected by the Russian aggression, – explains Inna Sergienko, founder of the NGO “Foundation for Children with Autism Syndrome “Child with the Future”, – as well as for the sake of our victory. It is dreamed of and approached by all Ukrainians, even our children. For peace and love on the whole planet”. 

We sincerely thank the NGO “Voyatsky Vyzvil”, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Vatican, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Vatican Andriy Yurash, Diana Yurash, Natalia Epifanova. Thanks to their efforts and assistance we managed to deliver this small but symbolic gift from Ukraine to the Vatican.