How Ukraine builds inclusive education: we invite you to listen to Inna Sergienko’s speech during the Second International Practical Conference on Autism

‘Inclusive education. What are we building? The realities of Ukraine and what should be the next steps’ – this topic ‘Autism-Europe’ Consul, the founder of ‘Child with Future’ Foundation and the mother of an autistic boy Inna Sergienko will talk about during the Second International Practical Conference on Autism (IPAC-2020).

Since inclusion in Ukraine is just on its way to becoming, this topic does not lose its relevance. Moreover, such a form of education as a way to strengthen the education system was defined at the UNESCO conference. The heads of state, government, and ministers from more than 70 countries adopted a declaration on global priority actions to protect funding and strengthen the educational system from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in October.

And it means that inclusion is an integral part of a full system of education, which is already effectively functioning in other countries of the world. But at what stage is Ukraine?

Inna Sergienko will tell about it and not only during her speech.

“We will talk about inclusive education in Ukraine, how it differs from the world’s leading practices, about our achievements and challenges. And the main thing is what exactly each of us is doing and will do to make the system of inclusive education work effectively,” said the Consul of ‘Autism-Europe’.

The Second International Practical Conference on Autism ‘IPAC-2020’ will be held on November 21-22 and 28-29 online. The main topic of the event is inclusion and family support. 18 international and Ukrainian experts will speak at the Conference.

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