We have opened the telegram channel “Autism & Inclusion”. Join us!

Today, April 2, 2024, on the International Autism Awareness Day, “Child with Future” opens the “Autism & Inclusion” telegram channel.

The channel was created to improve communication between people who have autistic children and other special needs, to produce and disseminate verified information, to provide qualified answers to frequently asked questions, etc.

We want this channel to be useful for Ukrainians with autism and other developmental disabilities, regardless of their age and place of residence, their families, friends, and professionals,” explains Inna Sergienko, founder of the Child with a Future NGO. – “We also hope that with its help we will become more accessible and useful for those Ukrainian citizens who are in the temporarily occupied territories, forced to live and raise children under severe pressure, lack of professional support and other vital things.

The team of the “Child with Future” calls on everyone who cares about the upbringing and development of autistic children and other special needs to join the active communication on this platform.

We are open to partnerships and all other forms of cooperation with everyone who dreams and wants to make the lives of Ukrainian children with special needs easier and happier, society more tolerant, and victory closer thanks to all our joint efforts.

So join in, dear friends, and take care of yourself! Let’s keep going!

Link to the channel: https://t.me/+vi8CcHBfVi45MGVi