The story of the ‘Child with Future’ jubilee-kindergarten and the story of a mother who stood up for the rights of children with disabilities – on the pages of the January “Autism Today”

Dear Readers!

We present to you the January issue of the ‘Autism Today’ e-magazine – the first issue of this year!

On its pages, you will find participants’ survey results of the Second International Practical Conference on Autism about the level of infrastructure for people with special needs in Ukraine. The answers will surprise you!

The director of the ‘Child with Future’ kindergarten Natalia Struchek will tell you about how a completely new institution for Ukraine, which at that time was, has changed in 10 years.

Also, you will find one more story of the ‘How it all began’ project. The founder of the Coalition to the Rights of People with Disabilities Raisa Kravchenko told how she began to lobby for the rights of people with special needs.

Read about this, as well as new English courses, materials on inclusion for teachers, and how the contact with animals helps special children – read on the pages of ‘Autism Today’.

Enjoy reading!