Take part in our annual survey on autism in Ukraine-2021

Dear Friends!

Please take part in the survey about the state of autism in Ukraine, which the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation conducts at the end of each year.

The survey is anonymous. Its purpose is to obtain concentrated and objective information from direct participants in the field, to determine the most pressing issues, and attract public attention and all institutions to them. This time we have changed our approach to the survey methodology.

We offer you two questionnaires: one for parents of autistic children and one for autism experts. The questionnaires are almost identical, so this approach allows us to see how and to what extent the perceptions of the same issues differ between parents and experts, as well as to trace the dynamics of public opinion in recent years.

We ask you to choose your questionnaire and answer it. It will not take more than 7 minutes of your time. Results of questioning, which will last from December, 10 till December, 31 in 2021 will be used only in generalized form and will be presented in January 2022.

Considering that such surveys are rare in Ukraine, your participation in the survey is all the more important.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our special gratitude to our partner, Asino, for its active participation in supporting autistic people in Ukraine and, in particular, in the joint organization of this survey.

Questionnaire for Parents

Questionnaire for Specialists

Thank you for your active position.

With respect and best wishes for the upcoming holidays,

‘Child with Future’ INGO team