The ‘Not Invisible’ awareness campaign starts: join the event and win presents

We are pleased to announce the launch of an awareness campaign on the eve of a special day for all autistic people around the world – International Autism Awareness Day, which is celebrated annually on April 2. 

This year, Autism Europe has launched a multi-year awareness campaign under the slogan ‘Not invisible’. This campaign has a dual purpose: to draw attention to the needs of autistic people and the fact that they often remain invisible in many areas. 

Iryna Sergienko, director of the ‘Child with Future‘ Foundation, notes: «Autism is always a spectrum of manifestations. While one person with ASD is often stymied, another hardly ever demonstrates “strange” behavior. For example, with high-functioning autism, a person is well disguised and society simply does not notice the presence of the disorder. However, despite the wide variety, all people on the spectrum need the support of society. That is why it is very important to know as much as possible about autism in order not only to help people with ASD, but also to promote tolerance of people with developmental disabilities by the society itself.” 

To realize this goal, we have prepared a unique opportunity for you to help spread the word about the disorder. 

Join our awareness campaign and take part in the drawing of a book about the inhabitants of an unusual distant “Planet A” by Maksym Brovchenko, in which a young author with ASD tells about the inhabitants of the distant Planet A, their worldview, love for all living things and tolerance.

It’s very simple:

  • support the autism community by sharing our post on Facebook at the link;
  • add a comment below the post about a topic that would be interesting to you. For example, interviews with autistic adults, physiology and adolescents, medical, legal issues – anything that is exciting and relevant to you. 

Your comments under the post are extremely important to us, because this is how we see the participants and on April 2 we will select 5 winners who will receive the book. 

We are #Not Invisible – different but equal!