The INGO ‘Child with future’ Foundation has organized an IT school for children with autism, the purpose of which is to teach computer literacy in preparation for a future profession. Our courses have been running for almost two years. During this time, children have shown in practice that computer literacy is very interesting for autists, and it is also a mandatory program today for any kind of activity in the future.

If your child is interested in technology, then it will be very useful for him to learn about the capabilities of a personal computer, about all office programs, about cloud technologies and Internet search. The courses also teach the basics of programming, administration and modeling.

Web development, HTML and 3D graphics will henceforth not be just incomprehensible abbreviations – children learn to make booklets, presentations, and master layout and design programs. Moreover, children will learn how to develop computer games themselves!

In the world of people with autism, more and more people are invited to work in IT and other companies for related jobs to the use of technology. For example, Australia’s largest bank, Bankwest, is actively encouraging corporations to recruit people with autism. This is a trend that is already actively gaining momentum and will soon affect Ukraine.

And we can give the world new geniuses of Silicon Valley.

Children from 10 to 15 years old are welcome. Children gather on Sundays and study for 2.5 hours in peer groups. Classes for children with highly functional autism and other mental disabilities. The course takes place within the framework of the activities of our Socialization Studio.

You can see how the children studied earlier and how our classes are generally held on the project page on Facebook. (Студия-социализации-детей-с-аутизмом-Дитина-з-майбутім-732562843513627/)

You can get more detailed information and registration from Socialization Studio Director Alyona Sverdlova by phone (050) 444 9851.