The fighting against Bullying and Improving Inclusion: what we were talking about during the Second International Practical Conference on Autism ‘IPAC-2020’

The last weekend of the Second International Practical Conference on Autism ‘IPAC-2020’ ended on November 28-29.

Nine more speakers have presented their topics, including international experts, like on the first weekend.

The Conference was opened by Irina Sergienko, director for the development of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation, and Bill Peters, an autistic adult from the US. They gave a joint lecture on what a child might face in school who was not prepared for such a learning environment. The speakers noted: an autistic person must not only master the skills that he will need in the process of education but also understand the behavior and communication rules in such an institution.

Adelphi University professor of education for people with disabilities Dr. Stephen Shore, who is diagnosed with atypical development with strong autistic symptoms, spoke about bullying at school and how it can be eradicated.

“Autistic children are more likely to be bullied than neurotypical ones. This is because they are different from others. The hardest part is if the child doesn’t talk about bullying. In fact, the only special kid I know who was not bullied in school had a big advantage. His father was the director of this educational institution, ”said Stephen Shore.

The first day of the second Conference weekend was finished by a specialist in inclusion organizing, an autistic adult, and a mother of a child with ASD Daria Orlova. She talked about her practical experience of inclusion and how parents see it.

Consul of ‘Autism Europe’ and the founder of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko spoke on November 29, the final day of ‘IPAC-2020’. She talked about the executive function of the brain. And later, a speech therapist of the ‘Child with Future’ developing kindergarten for children with disabilities Igor Telyuk gave practical recommendations on how to develop speech in a non-speaking child.

Another teacher of the ‘Child with Future’ kindergarten and behavioral psychologist Yana Yurchenko talked about how to get supervising control over an autistic person and explained what the essence of the instruction “I am waiting” is.

The Second International Practical Conference on Autism ‘IPAC-2020’ was closed by the specialist of sensory integration and neuropsychologist Tatyana Kostritskaya. She talked about the sensory integration concept, as well as her most common method, which was proposed by occupational therapist Jean Ayres in the late 60s. Also, Tatyana Kostritskaya spoke about the work standards of a specialist.

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