«The beginnings» project 

In 2020, it is been ten years since Ukraine started talking loudly about autism. It was not easy for  those who then set out to move this stone from the dead center. They were forced to learn from scratch, to travel the world seeking advice, padding the thresholds of various institutions and knocking in closed doors, look for like-minded people and partners.

They had to to fight the bias of society and the unpreparedness of the then healthcare and educational system to ensure that children adapt to normal of life.

During this time in Ukraine in this area there have been radical changes to to the best. And it all started with parents, children, professionals and like-minded people who have gone their own way in these ten years. They have something to evaluate and have something to compare. They know about mistakes and successes on this path. They know where to go next.

INGO “Child with a future” presents «The beginnings» project,its goal is about to share with society the stories and thoughts of those from whom it all started.

As part of the project, we publish conversations with parents of children with special needs, scientists, specialists, public figures, among which:

– Inna Sergiyenko, founder of the INGO «Child with a future» Foundation, Consul of the leading International Association  «Autism Europe» , winner of the NAPA-2014 international award in the

Community Mentor nomination, moderator of the Autism Friendly Ukraine.

  • Yurii Miroshnichenko, politician, public figure, scientist, human rights activist.
  • Maryna Poroshenko, cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences, chairman of the board of the Poroshenko Charitable Foundation, wife of the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

– Natalia Struchek, director of the kindergarten for children with special needs

«Child with future».

– Ekaterina Ostrovskaya, mother of a boy with autism, head of educational of the consulting center of the NGO «Kolping in Ukraine», professor, doctor of  Psychological Sciences, Head of the Department of Special Education and social work of the faculty of pedagogical education of LNU

Ivana Franko.

  • Evgeniya Panichevskaya, director of the parental organization Charitable Foundation «Association of Parents of Children with Autism», public figure, lecturer, radio and TV speaker, an active participant in creating a state system of assistance to autistic children and youth with disabilities, mental and behavioral dosorders, and many others.

Ten years is a period when it is worth summarizing the first results, evaluating achievements and inspiring ourselves and all of us to new achievements. Follow the updates on our Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/Childwithfuture and on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvyYeGHxqH8m2iGsGcqtAtA.