Maryna Poroshenko spoke about the introduction of inclusion in Ukraine

The wife of the fifth President of Ukraine, Maryna Poroshenko, has been actively working since 2015 to create all conditions for inclusive education in our country. Teacher’s assistant, textbooks and new educational institutions – the former first lady is proud of such achievements.

As part of the «The beginnings» project  we present an interview with Marina Poroshenko. She said what inspired her to promote the education of children with special needs, how many ideas she managed to implement and how Ukraine has changed during this time.

“Every child is unique. He has his own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, different preferences and abilities. And it is from this point of view that a teacher should approach the education of children. Today, the number of special children is growing, and we have no right to ignore this fact. Ukraine needs every child, and he should feel that he is loved, respected and all conditions are created for his development,”says Maryna Poroshenko.

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