Survive the pandemic: the “Get Stronger” initiative by “Child with a Future” Foundation

“Child with a Future” Foundation and “Child with a Future” kindergarten is launching the “Get Stronger” initiative together with partners and specialists. It is designed to help families raising special children to survive this difficult time when the world was covered by an epidemic, and Ukraine introduced restrictive measures.

On all our resources (Facebook pages and groups, the “Child with a Future” Foundation and the “Child with the Future” kindergarten websites) will be posted and transmitted:

  • official information of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Health, WHO, and other specialized institutions in the field of health;
  • information from EU, USA, Canada international organizations, and from other countries working in the field of autism;
  • information that may be necessary and useful for all parents and children in quarantine – health issues, social activity, and adaptation in isolation, online business activity;
  • information for organizations and remote improvement of the self-education and self-employment levels of parents and children.

Inna Sergienko, the founder of the “Child with a Future” Foundation and “Autism-Europe” Consul, notes that the goal of the initiative is to use the information space at a time when borders are closed and the transport connection is stopped.

“I support quarantine as a forced preventive step to save people’s lives like the majority of my friends and acquaintances. I believe that the restrictive measures that have already been introduced in Ukraine and are being introduced in various countries of the world, will be beneficial and we will soon overcome this virus. Nobody knows when exactly it will happen, but I want to believe that we will come out of this period wiser and stronger,” says Inna Sergienko.

“We understand that we have a limited resource, but we hope to be supported by other organizations and companies. We will be especially grateful to those who become active volunteers, providing and sharing verified information with us,” she adds.

We will inform you where and how useful options can be used. Stay tuned.