Representatives of the NGO ‘Child with Future’ took part in the IV Scientific and Practical School on Autism

On September, 3-5, Poltava hosted the IV Scientific and Practical School on Autism. Its main audience was doctors, but there were also members of the public and parents. Thus, the NGO ‘Child with Future’ was presented by its founder, Autism Europe Consul, Inna Sergiyenko at the opening of the first day of the School.

“A very relevant format is offline + online. The event is more medical, which bribed me. I wanted to understand how doctors look at the problems of autism and other features of development – what new research and approaches they know and use in practice, what changes in the diagnosis of autism criteria. There was a lot of talk here about how to distinguish between what needs to be treated and what doesn’t. The topic of educational processes from the point of view of medical aspects is also interesting. I was pleased with the large number of interesting and competent reports based on modern research in the field of autism,” – Inna shares her impressions.

After her master class on automated development of autistic children, Inna received many questions about autistic people, especially adults, as she communicates with them a lot. “I talked about the importance of contractual development, communication with parents, motivation and resources of the child. After the speech, they discussed the problems of diagnosing, licensing services, allocating public money for autistic people and much more,» – she added.

Bill Peters, a person with autism (USA), who is also a consultant of the NGO ‘Child with Future’ together with the Director for Development of the NGO ‘Child with Future’ Irina Sergiyenko gave a lecture on sex education. “Of course, the audience was ashamed to ask about sex, but they listened with great interest! – says Irina, – The questions were about Bill – how is it to grow up in a family where almost everyone is autistic; how Bill copes with sensory perception and what sensations are the biggest problem (smell, sound, light) ”.